Business Impact Analysis Report Templates

Business Impact Analysis Report Template free download
Download free Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Sample Report and Template. The purpose of the business impact analysis was to help Company to identify which business units, operations and processes are essential to the survival of the business. The Business Impact Analysis will facilitate the identification of how quickly essential business units and/or processes have to return to full operation following a disaster situation. It will delineate the business impact of disaster impact scenarios on the ability to deliver product or to support mission-critical services. The Business Impact Analysis will also facilitate the identification of the resources required to resume business operations to a survival level.

This Simple template covering some basic Business Impact Analysis requirement such as: Approach, Document Organization, Corporate Communications, Engineering, Facility Services, Finance, Human Resources, Safety and Risk, Marketing, Customer Care, Sales, Materials Management, Network Operations Center (NOC), Operations, Plant Assignment and Dispatch (Provisioning), Purchasing, Regulatory Affairs

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