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SAS 70 Change Management Process Security Examination Audit

The change management process of an organization can affect the operations of the customer systems dramatically. For example, if a proper change management process does not exist, developers may make changes to production systems without proper testing, thus allowing untested code to make changes to production data.

As part of the SAS-70, the auditors will examine the following:
- The development methodology and the procedures for moving a system from development through testing and into production
- The testing environment (specifically if it is different than the production environment)
- How new developments are documented and whether this documentation carries on through to production
- The approval process for all changes

The scope of the change management process section is rather broad. The auditors will be looking for a documented development methodology and process.

Web 2.0 Security Assessments and Audits Checklists

- Identifying possible hosts running the application. Web 2.0 applications run on multiple hosts, and a number of cross-domain references and access points exist between application layers.

- Identifying Ajax and RIA calls to determine their exposure and entry points to the system.

- JavaScript runs on the browser and makes backend calls. This is a big challenge because resources are not part of the HTML page and are difficult to scrub.

- Dynamic DOM manipulations are very common to the application layer, and several resources are loaded on the fly with Ajax calls. These resources cannot be retrieved with simple protocol access; one needs to load content to get a true picture of application behavior.

Electronic Commerce Risk Management Process

Electronic Commerce Risk Management Process

1. Identify internal and external threats which may include employees, hackers, failure of critical service providers, physical disasters, and others that are associated with the type of services provided and the systems used to provide those services.

These are the threats that could result in unauthorized disclosure, misuse, alteration, or destruction of credit union or member information or the inoperability of related information processing and delivery systems.

2. Assess the likelihood and potential damage of these threats, taking into consideration the sensitivity and criticality of credit union and member information.

How to remediate IT and Business Strategic Vulnerability

How to remediate IT and Business Strategic Vulnerability in seven simple step? here is the lists:

1. Maintain the point of view of competitors and other potential enemies.

2. Look for impacts to existing strategies from the changing environment.

3. Find new ways to innovate opportunity as a means of mitigating vulnerabilities in new strategies.

4. Maintain knowledge of what is most valuable to the business.

Network Access Protection Policy and Requirements

Download Free Network Access Protection Policy and Requirements
Download Free Network Access Protection Policy and Requirements

Section 1. Introduction

1.1 General
The Internet Protocol (IP) Operational Network (IONet) is a NASA-wide IP network managed from the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). The users are NASA space flight programs and the United States Government, international partners, contractor employees located both inside and outside the United States, universities, commercial ground stations, and other commercial facilities, which support NASA space flight mission requirements.

Projects and sites connected to the IONet are subject to an audit by ISD's established IONet audit team to ensure that projects provide adequate security for network resources and that they can prevent the propagation of a security infiltration activity.

1.2 Purpose
This document
a. States the policy for limiting unauthorized access to the IONet from any IT resource connected to the IONet

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